Battle of Imphal

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It is not easy to depict the flow of the Battle of Imphal from March to July 1944. This is because the fighting was spread out across Manipur and involved simultaneous actions along all of the ‘spokes’ leading to the ‘hub’ at Imphal . Just as Slim often does in his memoir, maybe the simplest way is to look at what happened on each of the ‘spokes’.

(Disclaimer: (a) This map is intended as a guide to help understand the Battle of Imphal. It is indicative only and not to scale. It does not show all present-day roads or places in Manipur. (b) The Battle of Imphal was a messy and confusing affair and one that took place all over Manipur. It is therefore likely that not all affected places have been shown in the map and some may have been left out. This is also a function of the available source material; (c) An effort has been made throughout to strike as balanced a note as possible in presenting information. Yet, given that most of the sources are British or American due to their easy accessibility, a relative absence of a Japanese perspective on events is duly acknowledged.