Battle of Imphal

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The INA Tour

In his book The Forgotten Army, the American author and historian Peter Ward Fay gives what is perhaps the most gripping introduction to the Indian National Army (INA): “Halfway through the Second World War there appeared quite unexpectedly in Southeast Asia an army; an Indian army; an army with an adored and indomitable leader by training not a military man at all; an army that using Malaya as a base, Burma as a launching pad, and Japan as a helpmate, tried – even as the war in that part of the world wound towards its then inevitable close – to throw the British out of India.”

For the INA and its leader, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, the Battle of Imphal of 1944 was crucial. It was to be the first step on the INA’s march to Delhi.

The INA Tour

The INA Tour looks at the fascinating story of the INA, and of its participation in the Battle of Imphal. The Tour takes in key, accessible sites in Manipur that are directly linked to the INA – notably the INA Memorial Complex and the site of the old INA headquarters in Moirang and the Palel Airfield (viewed from a distance). It also takes in sites that are less obviously connected, such as the India Peace Memorial and Potsangbam, but which nevertheless help us tell the INA story. Finally, the INA Tour includes a stop at the beautiful Loktak Lake.

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